Digital badges

Digital badges are certifications that can be used in email signatures, resumés, and on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Your badge contains verified metadata that describes the qualification and the process required to earn it.

You will be issued a digital badge once you successfully pass the minicourse assessment.

At USQ UpSkill, we issue our badges through My eQuals which is the official platform of Australian and New Zealand tertiary education providers. It provides secure access to all certified official transcripts and degree documentation, so you (and your employer) can trust that your badges represent an authentic learning achievement.

We love the way you can ‘collect’ your badges as you progress and be empowered to take your learning achievements with you as you develop your career. All your UpSkill badges will be stored in the one place so unlike pieces of paper, your digital badges will build a rich picture of your lifelong learning.

USQ UpSkill digital badges

Our Credentialing Professional Outcomes students are also eligible to receive a digital badge if their application is successful.

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