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What is USQ UpSkill?

USQ UpSkill provides flexibility in gaining modern credentials. We have a wide range of minicourses across various disciplines, which are delivered entirely online. Minicourses are bite-sized pieces of learning, blending professional development with the academic rigour of a university environment.

How can I study through USQ UpSkill?

USQ UpSkill currently offers two options for completing a minicourse:

  • minicourse + assessment: complete the minicourse online and submit the final piece of assessment for a digital badge.
  • assessment only (Credentialing Professional Outcomes): submit a portfolio of work to prove existing knowledge and skills, and have it reviewed by a USQ academic. Successful applicants will receive a digital badge.

How much does a USQ UpSkill minicourse cost?

The cost of a USQ UpSkill minicourse varies between AUD625.00 – AUD735.00. The Credentialing Professional Outcomes kit is AUD250.00.

These are upfront fees, paid on enrolment. Students are not eligible for Commonwealth Assistance (such as FEE-HELP) or scholarships.

Is financial aid available?

No. Students studying through USQ UpSkill are required to pay their fee upon enrolment, and are not eligible for financial assistance through USQ or the Commonwealth Government (eg. FEE-HELP).

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a form of credential – a digital certification indicating an area of knowledge. Students who successfully complete a minicourse will receive a digital badge for use on their LinkedIn, website, or resumé.

USQ uses My eQuals to issue UpSkill badges. This is the official platform of Australian and New Zealand tertiary education providers. It provides secure access to all certified official transcripts and degree documentation.

Through My eQuals students can access their digital badges alongside any Australian or New Zealand degree documentation they have already earnt or may earn in the future.

We work through Badgr, whose system is the global standard for verifiable digital credentials. Their BadgeCheck system validates the metadata of digital badges, so you (and your employer) can trust that a badge represents an authentic learning achievement.

Is it possible to withdraw from USQ UpSkill?

Students who withdraw before the third business day of the first week of the minicourse are eligible for a full refund of the course fee. After this, students may withdraw from the minicourse but will be ineligible for a refund.

Are there prerequisites for doing a minicourse?

In order to be eligible to enrol in a USQ UpSkill minicourse, we require:

  • That you be at least 18 years old.
  • That you have a sufficient understanding of English to undertake a fully online minicourse delivered and assessed in English.
  • The ability to find and synthesise information in a way that solves problems in a professional context. USQ UpSkill minicourses are designed for professionals so it will be an advantage to have either a qualification or significant experience in the workplace.

How long does it take to complete a minicourse?

A minicourse is designed to take around 40 hours of study over a four week duration (including content, readings, your extra reading and completing the assessment).

Students will have access to the entire minicourse from their first day, and are able to complete the content at their own pace within the study period (yes, this means you can do it in one weekend if you’d like to).

Are there any assessments in a minicourse?

Yes. Each minicourse has an assessment task that needs to be completed by the end of the study period.

Do I have to do the minicourses in a specific order?

No. Students can complete as many minicourses as they want, in whatever areas they choose, in whatever order suits them.

Can students apply for credit?

USQ UpSkill’s Credentialing Professional Outcomes option allows learners to submit a portfolio of work to be reviewed by a qualified academic. If you are assessed as already meeting the Learning Outcomes of a minicourse, your knowledge will be recognised and you will receive a digital badge for that minicourse.

Can I earn credit for completing a minicourse?

On successful completion of four USQ UpSkill minicourses from the same course suite (i.e. the first six letters and numbers of the minicourse codes are the same), eligible students can apply to the University of Southern Queensland to have this recognised as credit towards an existing USQ degree course. You may then be eligible to apply for admission into a Graduate Certificate, if other admission requirements are also met.

I’ve forgotten my password and can’t access the learning portal. How do I reset my password?

If you are having trouble with your password, please call ICT on +61 7 4631 1900 to reset your password. For other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 269 500 or via

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